JEDI Episode IV: What DOD Can Do Now to Prep for the Cloud

BY Ben Ball

Despite all the hype about protest actions and Congressional intervention, the JEDI program remains a critical strategic investment for DOD – one that has strong leadership support.  Nobody’s exactly sure how the final product will look and when the ultimate award will materialize.  But in the end, we know that JEDI – in some form – is coming.

It’s also coming soon.  With the performance period starting a mere thirty days after award, the JEDI cloud is going to be here before we know it.

It is the future you see

Will DOD agencies be ready for JEDI when it becomes available?  Buried deep in DOD’s 1,000+ Q&A responses is the idea that migrations to the JEDI cloud will come through a separate contract.  Whether this is competed as a multi-award vehicle at the department level or agency by agency, it’s going to take some time to operationalize the migration piece of JEDI – probably longer than it will take to stand up the JEDI cloud itself.

This contracting disconnect sets up a scenario where the JEDI cloud is ready, but DOD agencies aren’t ready to use it.  It takes an average of eighteen months for Federal agencies to migrate assets and compute into the cloud.  Even if they started today, most DOD agencies wouldn’t be ready to take advantage of the JEDI cloud when it appears.

The Force (can) be strong with this one

Prudent DOD agencies should be doing everything in their power to prepare the groundwork for JEDI cloud migrations now, while they have both time and end-of-year money to burn. 

First and foremost, DOD agencies can get their network infrastructure in order.  Managing DNS between on-prem and cloud resources isn’t easy, particularly if the DNS infrastructure is decentralized.  By centralizing and automating their underlying DNS infrastructure now, DOD agencies will save time and energy during the cloud migration process.

BlueCat offers DOD agencies relevant solutions to prepare the way for the JEDI cloud, all of which can be easily fit into an end-of-year budget request.  Learn more about BlueCat’s JEDI solutions here.

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Ben Ball

Ben Ball is the Director of Strategy and Content Marketing at BlueCat. Ben served for ten years as a Federal employee, with three tours as a Foreign Service Officer (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan), and five years at the Department of Homeland Security, where he focused on immigration issues. A graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Pitzer College, Ben lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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