From Clashing to Collaborating

The cost of dysfunction between network and cybersecurity teams

BY Martina Moore

A secure network is increasingly important to every organization – and behind every secure network are two powerhouses: the network and the cybersecurity teams. But the often dysfunctional relationship that exists between these teams costs everyone valuable time and resources. Slow response times. Finger pointing. Increases in data breaches. Nobody wins.

In their recent report A House Divided: The Cost of Dysfunction Between Network & Cybersecurity Teams”, IDG surveyed hundreds of network and cybersecurity professionals across North America’s largest organizations. What they found: improved network visibility helps build a foundation of trust and collaboration between teams.

The infographic below highlights the interesting truths around this inner conflict and where to find common ground so that both teams can benefit from increased network visibility, control and detection. (Hint: it’s in your DNS data).

Don’t have your copy of the report? Click here to download.

Martina Moore

Martina is a fourth-year student at Wilfrid Laurier University and is studying Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. She is currently working as the Marketing Programs Coordinator at BlueCat Networks.

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