BlueCat Rolls Out First DNS Management Platform on AWS GovCloud

BY Ben Ball

BlueCat is pleased to announce that its Adaptive DNS management platform is now the first AWS certified DNS management product in the AWS GovCloud region. For government agencies, this new offering allows for efficient management of DNS across the enterprise while complying with Federal security mandates.

GovCloud is a walled-off region of AWS which satisfies the strict security and operational requirements of the FedRAMP program. Through its FedRAMP certification, GovCloud has the authority to operate in any Federal agency, significantly reducing deployment times. For the growing list of government agencies moving away from expensive “on-prem” and private cloud environments, GovCloud offers a feature-rich solution with dramatically increased flexibility.

Route 53 is a tool offered by AWS for management of DNS within its cloud environment. Unfortunately, Route 53 is not yet offered in the GovCloud region.

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to learn more about JEDI cloud migration?”)

In the absence of Route 53, government agencies without a centralized DNS management platform will be hard-pressed to efficiently run DNS within GovCloud, not to mention data flows between GovCloud and other parts of the network. Aside from BlueCat or a custom-built Rube Goldberg DNS solution, no Adaptive DNS management platforms are currently authorized to operate on both GovCloud and agency networks.

Even when Route 53 becomes available, it will only manage DNS within the GovCloud region or other AWS instances. Most Federal agencies will still need a way to manage DNS between their cloud deployments and pieces of the network which remain “on-prem”.

BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS management tools allow Federal agencies to efficiently control their network infrastructure across the enterprise, wherever it happens to reside – on-prem, in GovCloud, or in hybrid/private clouds. This makes BlueCat the clear choice for agencies looking to create flexible and efficiently managed network infrastructures which minimize the potential for downtime-inducing errors.

Learn more about BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS offering here.

Ben Ball

Ben Ball is the Director of Strategy and Content Marketing at BlueCat. Ben served for ten years as a Federal employee, with three tours as a Foreign Service Officer (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan), and five years at the Department of Homeland Security, where he focused on immigration issues. A graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Pitzer College, Ben lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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