BlueCat Integrates with Cisco ACI to Deliver Enhanced Visibility and Centralized Management

BY Darren McPhee

It’s a brave, new world for the enterprise CIO. The days of the massive physical data center, managed by few and slow to evolve, are disappearing. As hardened appliances virtualize or move to the cloud, business value has shifted from systems to applications to the data itself.

For the enterprise, the mass migration of compute from the center to the edge has unlocked vast new opportunities for IT to speed service delivery. The infrastructure and applications of IT organizations are evolving, with deployments leveraging software and cloud services wherever possible. The need for improved manageability, enhanced agility, and optimized asset usage is pushing organizations to migrate their IT infrastructure to a software-defined model. IT organizations are segmenting networks like never before, in turn putting pressure on how DNS is deployed. Meeting those demands with a future-first approach to infrastructure is the smartest decision you can make.

As the industry leader in software-defined networking (SDN), Cisco ACI enables application agility and data center automation and the integration of virtual and physical workloads in highly agile, programmable fabric. BlueCat DNS Integrity delivers core DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services without compromise and is built on those same qualities: automated, policy-driven, relentlessly flexible and scalable.

So we are very excited to announce our collaboration with Cisco ACI, and really, it makes perfect sense.

This week at Cisco Live 2018, we will showcase an early version of an integration to be released later this year. Built via ACI’s and BlueCat’s API and DNS Integrity Gateway platform, it will enable our customers to discover and configure endpoints discovered by ACI to be fed into BlueCat Address Manager. This new ability allows us to provide the same level of extensive visibility that they are already used to in Cisco ACI. BlueCat users have long benefited from our approach to Enterprise DNS via a central visibility and management approach, and we’re proud to integrate with Cisco ACI to deliver a “single pane of glass” approach to our joint customers.

To see what we’re showing at Cisco Live 2018, watch the following video:

Swing by booth #1919 at Cisco Live Orlando to talk to us and learn more about the solution!

The Cisco ACI integration will be available on BlueCat’s GitHub repository later this year for all customers to access and implement. With a tighter connection between Cisco ACI and BlueCat DNS Integrity, our customers benefit from a more integrated solution set that enhances their BlueCat management layer to align with the benefits that Cisco ACI brings.

Read Cisco's blog here! 

Darren McPhee

Darren McPhee is Director of Product Marketing at BlueCat. He joined the company in 2016 after 15 years in product management and marketing in the semiconductor industry.

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