At BlueCat we’re proud of the innovation we are driving in the industry as well as the deep customer relationships we have forged with some of the largest organizations in the world. It’s no secret that these achievements can be attributed directly to one common thread: our people. We’ve known from day one that building […]

“BlueCat is bold for change because we encourage all of our employees to be courageous, differentiate and ask a lot of questions. We celebrate differences of opinion and believe that is what makes us stronger.” There has been a lot of press recently about companies who are struggling to build a culture of inclusivity and […]

Key questions to help you evaluate your current DNS solution Corporate networks have become incredibly complex. As more and more businesses digitally transform through key IT initiatives such as cloud, ITaaS and automation, DNS can no longer be an afterthought. It’s the foundation of a robust network management strategy. While you may think that all […]

As the retail industry continues to go through a dramatic digital transformation, the role of the CIO has never been more important. With the increasing pace of change and complexity in technology and the numerous operational challenges such as supply chain, cost containment, security and more, retail IT organizations require skills and experience that combine […]

If you pay attention to the world of security you’ve probably heard about the upswing in a type of attack known as Malvertising. Data Breach Today and Dark Reading recently featured articles on the subject. If you haven’t heard of it, Malvertising is the practice of inserting corrupted advertisements into trusted web sites, making them look […]

Higher education institutions have been dealing with BYOT for some 15 years, making them pioneers of this massive technology transformation. At the beginning of every new semester, university and college IT departments experience a tremendous spike in device on-boarding activity. You have thousands of students who all want to get their various devices – smart […]

Scott Penney, Director of Cyber Security Solutions at BlueCat, talks about the mass cyber attack on Dyn and how you can protect your network with the Power of DNS Recently the world experienced a cyber attack that had a profound impact on many companies’ ability to provide services to their customers and their internal constituents.  […]

For today’s technology leader, it’s no longer a question of whether you’ll integrate cloud deployments into your IT infrastructure. In fact, for many it’s no longer even a question of when. The time to build and implement cloud strategies is now. Earlier this year an IDC survey of over 6,000 IT organizations revealed that nearly […]

It’s official, BlueCat is now certified as a GREAT WORKPLACE by Great Place to Work® Canada. Earning this achievement was no small feat – the process involved a thorough and independent analysis of anonymous employee feedback and an assessment of workplace practices and programs. “In the last few years, BlueCat’s growth has exploded, in both […]

Dwell time is arguably the most accurate indicator of an enterprise’s security. It can determine how good you are in finding and eliminating actual breaches. Some indicators are less reliable. For example, the number of breached systems might either indicate your systems are well protected or, it might mean there are gaps in your ability […]

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