Where is the line between traditional IT administration and cyber security operations? Or is there a line at all? Those who use administrative DNS data to analyze and mitigate anomalies are relevant to both IT management and IT security. But straddling that boundary isn’t always easy. More often than not, DNS administrators are focused on […]

Here at the DoDIIS 2017 conference, we’re hearing a lot about the role of cybersecurity in so-called “fifth generation warfare” – a concept with direct relevance to the power of DNS for network security. In the fifth generation warfare concept, boundaries between the digital battlefield and the physical battlefield are blurred. Cyberattacks and kinetic attacks happen […]

There is cruel irony in DNS. By their very nature, Domain Name Systems facilitate an internet-friendly naming environment making it simple and seamless for users to access websites, emails and applications. This very system is now finding itself the ultimate vulnerable point of origination for malicious cyber activity – and an unlikely hero in cyber […]

For Federal IT managers, compliance is a primary motivator. FISMA and agency guidelines provide a clear roadmap for cybersecurity, with the performance of Federal IT managers constantly measured against those standards. Publicly reported compliance scores, GAO and IG reports, and frequent Congressional inquiries about the state of cybersecurity ensure that most Federal IT security personnel […]

What is digital transformation? According to InfoWorld, it’s simply the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business and society. With such a broad definition, it’s easy to dismiss the term as just another buzzword. Yet the concept has so embedded itself in the minds of CIOs that by the end of […]

“A well-oiled machine.” That’s the highest compliment any network administrator can receive. In a business where people tend to focus on the negative, systems that just work are often under-appreciated. When it comes to the Domain Name System (DNS), many network administrators arrive at “well-oiled machine” status by using freely available tools. With spreadsheets to […]

It’s no secret that post-secondary students can be some of the biggest tech whizzes out there – between all the different devices they use on campus, they basically fuel the Internet of Things. But what happens when they can’t connect to their school’s Wi-Fi because the network is completely overloaded? Online classes get interrupted, research […]

Hot on the heels of last month’s WannaCry ransomware attack comes a new threat: NotPetya. Also referred to by names such as ‘SortaPetya’ and ‘GoldenEye’, NotPetya is a savage piece of malware that serves as a disk wiping platform and corrupts a computer’s data. As the malware rapidly spread around the world, DNS technology became […]

There, amongst all the bright lights and excitement in Las Vegas, was Cisco Live 2017. If you were able to look through the chaos and crowds of 30,000+ attendees at the event, you could see us: BlueCat. Our team had a fantastic time at Cisco Live, showing thousands of attendees how they, too, could unleash […]

On June 25, BlueCat will be in Las Vegas as a proud partner in Cisco Live 2017. Technology professionals from around the world will come together on this five-day event to immerse and educate themselves in the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the world of digital business. With over 1,000 sessions, Cisco Live […]

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