Network Visibility

You’re looking at your network. But can you see it?

Every query on your network runs through DNS. Time to put that mother lode of data to work.

Security is no longer an afterthought.
  It’s a baseline.

Administrators and security teams need to know what’s happening on their network at all times. As the processor of all your network traffic, DNS is the ideal tool for visibility into every part of your IT infrastructure.

Watch our videos on how DNS security can promote visibility and reduce your attack surface

Know your pathways.

By consolidating and rationalizing your DNS infrastructure, BlueCat provides visibility and control for the entire enterprise.

Know who’s doing what.

BlueCat’s client-facing DNS security system logs and analyzes every query, internal and external. By monitoring and blocking traffic, BlueCat turns visibility into action.

Know your traffic patterns.

With its powerful analytics tools, BlueCat looks at the long-term trends in your DNS patterns to spot network-specific anomalies.

Know who’s responsible.

Client-level DNS data is a definitive source of information on user intent. BlueCat’s logging tools create tons of valuable insights, making it easier than ever to track malicious activity back to its source.

Big Data

We find DNS anomalies
 (so you don't have to)

DNS produces a lot of raw data. Thankfully, BlueCat does all the hard work of sifting through it and pulling out the juicy parts. You’ll have visibility into the complete logs when you need them, but for day-to-day operations, we flag the queries of concern so you can concentrate on what matters. If you want to digest DNS information in a SIEM, BlueCat offers integrations with Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar, and more.

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