Replace Spreadsheets

Replace your spreadsheets with automation and peace of mind

Manually managed networks are a thing of the past. Don’t get left behind.

No matter the size of the company, networks are constantly growing in complexity, and that comes with challenges. When networks were small and relatively static, network management was as simple as creating a spreadsheet to track IP addresses and associated hostnames. However, as networks grow and business demands become more complex, spreadsheets just don’t cut it.


Automate your environment

Spreadsheets were simply not built to manage network infrastructure. Duplicate and outdated information begin to take their toll on network administrators, with precious time and effort wasted in investigating and resolving these conflicts.
Spreadsheets also don’t allow for tracking changes, nor do they allow multiple administrators to work concurrently, leading to fat-finger errors, network conflicts, and even outages.

Adaptive DNS gives your team a single, unified view into your network for maximum visibility and optimal control.

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