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DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) are business-critical components of any reliable, secure network infrastructure. When organizations are too risk-averse to migrate and stay with their current solution, they’re not getting the functionality and flexibility they need.

BlueCat takes the fear out of DNS migrations. We provide seamless transitions from VitalQIP, Infoblox, Microsoft and homegrown solutions every day, transforming scattered IPAM, DNS and DHCP resources into a cohesive Adaptive DNS architecture. Our in-house DNS experts use a proven migration methodology that simplifies and de-risks migration, giving you timely, cost-efficient, fear-free transformations.

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Blueprint: Streamline data transformation during migration

Migrations can get tricky when customers don’t address erroneous data, disparate and conflicting data sources, and unknown data histories. With BlueCat’s exclusive migration utility, Blueprint, these challenges disappear as we prepare, validate and present the results for customer approval.


Safe Deployments

Safe Deployments

With the data and network configuration validated, migrations are seamlessly carried out by experienced DNS experts, with zero impact on day-to-day business.



The World’s Leading Organizations Choose BlueCat

BlueCat has successfully managed migrations and consolidations from a number of platforms to Adaptive DNS for some of the largest companies in the world.

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“The entire rollout from our initial three-week trial to our production ‘go live’ was designed by BlueCat, who were sensitive to our need to avoid service outages. The BlueCat team had the knowledge and tools needed for a smooth transition.”

Patrick J. Lazorchak Network Engineer

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