IT Automation

Network transformation through automation.

DNS is a critical enabler of any enterprise automation initiative.

Empower your organization from the inside out

Automation projects require consistent access to accurate, flexible core network services that are easy to deploy and simple to manage. And if those services were delivered as a unified solution for load-balanced DNS, scalable DHCP services, and enterprise-wide IP Address Management, that couldn’t hurt either, right?

BlueCat empowers network teams by providing reliable, secure access to automated core services from any registered device across the global enterprise, enabling the network to scale, accommodate business growth and more.

Solutions for Automation and Self-Service

Enable DNS as a Service

Enable DNS as a service

Are you really still relying on a small team of DNS experts to manually provision networks?

IT automation doesn’t just happen on its own. Automation requires an infrastructure capable of scaling to meet up-to-the-second requirements. For any automation project to succeed, it must be built on a flexible, nimble network architecture.

It all starts with Adaptive DNS.

Solve the problems. Reduce the workload.

Solve problems. Reduce workload.

Not only does combining automation and self-service lighten the IT burden of managing routine IPAM changes, it also dramatically reduces the turnaround time for critical network requests from days to minutes.

Enable efficient, simple and secure device connectivity with self-service facilities. Take unnecessary work out of device registration and onboarding. Allow employees, contractors, and guests to register their own devices. Track all devices, tying mobile activity to network access for complete control.

A rich set of APIs

Open and adaptive APIs

A rich set of APIs are critical to enabling end-to-end network automation. Users can make custom, process-compliant changes to IP and DNS configurations while retaining complete visibility and control over IPAM data. This extends your team’s reach to adjacent network solutions.

Adaptive DNS also allows for thousands of API calls to be made every hour in production environments, with proven integrations with leading commercial vendors. We seamlessly deliver orchestrated network creation, monitoring, security and provisioning solutions for data center and cloud environments.

Automatic network discovery and reconciliation

Automatic network discovery and reconciliation

Automatic network discovery retrieves information directly from routers and switches, augmenting IPAM data with valuable network-sourced information. With network discovery, you can quickly and easily identify changes to connected devices across the global network, automatically pinpointing newly added or recently removed IP addresses. Combined with network reconciliation, these IP addresses can be targeted for reclamation; unauthorized and suspect IP addresses can be identified for further investigation. This combined data can then be integrated with existing network systems via API for trouble ticketing, automation and asset/configuration tracking.

Deliver the service levels your business demands with Adaptive DNS. Automated through APIs, driven by policy, available instantly.

What people say about us

“Without this kind of automation and intelligence, you really can’t understand how optimized your valuable network address space is,”

Michael Nelson Data Centre and Connectivity Chief Technologist for CSC (now DXC) Global Infrastructure Services

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