Intelligent Networking

Get ahead of complexity before it breaks your network.

Stop drowning in the tangle of cloud deployments, SD-WAN, M&A, DevOps, and other strategic business initiatives. Turn your DNS from a roadblock into an enabler.

Manage complexity, reduce risk

Conditional Forwarders

Too many conditional forwarders to manage

Hub and Spoke

“Hub and spoke” routing adds latency and MPLS line costs

Hybrid cloud

Cloud DNS hard to manage across hybrid environments

Duplicate DNS records

Duplicate DNS records

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration risk as assets constantly shift

Driving NetOps 2.0 with DNS insights

2020 Networking Trends Report


Make your DNS work for you
(not the other way around)

Intelligent Networking cuts through compounding network complexity, making your DNS manageable again.

Server Uptime
Safe migrations

Avoid service downtime by defining alternate DNS pathways across hybrid environments

Hybrid Environment
Cloud on your terms

Keep data where you want it by resolving DNS across hybrid environments

Proximity Based Steering
Proximity-based steering

Reduce latency and improve user experience by routing DNS traffic to trusted services based on geographic proximity

DNS insights & analytics

Uncover misconfigurations and errors with dynamic, real-time views of your DNS data

Advanced capabilities for a flexible network

Ready to get more out of your network?