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Drowning in DNS-related service tickets? DNS automation is the answer.

An estimated 30% of all help desk tickets are DNS related. Get that time back by automating standard tasks and implementing self-service.

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Draw on community content to automate standard DNS tasks.



Build your own automation workflows in Python



Draw on BlueCat’s DNS expertise to support all your DNS automation needs.

BlueCat Certified Workflow


Use BlueCat-built automation workflows to springboard infrastructure-as-a-code initiatives

Driving NetOps 2.0 with DNS insights

2020 Networking Trends Report


Jumpstart network automation with BlueCat Labs

BlueCat Labs is our official community on GitHub. On BlueCat Labs, you’ll find our repository of certified automation workflows, community-built code, and a wide range of third-party integrations. You’ll also discover a vibrant community of BlueCat users discussing everything and anything about DDI and how it makes their networks more efficient.

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Deploy certified integrations for a wide variety of services

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