Implement Network Virtualization

Get the speed and agility you need from your DNS

DNS must be a scalable, agile facilitator in network virtualization strategies.

Virtualizing your network starts with DNS.

Every day, organizations are looking toward network virtualization. They can now provision and configure services based on changing business needs instead of physical connectivity. As organizations shift towards a policy-based approach, they have embraced software-defined networking and network virtualization, gaining operational simplicity, agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in the process.

Software defined networks need
Adaptive DNS

Future First

Dive into network virtualization, future-first

By designing your architecture with a software-oriented ecosystem in mind, you’re giving yourself a huge head start. Business demands are moving faster, and IT organizations are segmenting networks like never before, in turn putting pressure on how DNS is deployed.

Meeting those demands with a future-first approach to infrastructure is the smartest decision you can make. Virtualization of compute, storage, and networks provides a platform that accommodates rapidly changing business needs while being prepared for any potential curveballs.


Adaptive DNS plays a critical role in network virtualization

Consider Adaptive DNS the oil that keeps your network running by allowing you to centrally manage and orchestrate resources. Move dedicated resources to the pools of virtualized server, storage and networking capacities shared across lines of business to support applications.

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