Build your network core with DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI)

DNS, DHCP, and IPAM are the foundation of any network. If your network administrator still assigns an IP address with a spreadsheet, juggles configuration information, and performs every DDI management task manually, it's time for a different approach. BlueCat's DDI systems are flexible, scalable, and full of the features you need to get your house in order.

Don’t get dragged down by decentralized DDI

Stop managing with an IP address spreadsheet


Stop doing the same mundane DNS tasks over and over again


Stop hacking together patches and workarounds


Stop trying to manually implement DNSSEC across your DNS infrastructure

Meet the foundation of your new network

Full-feature DDI on your terms

Driving NetOps 2.0 with DNS insights

2020 Networking Trends Report


Additional features

DDI is the starting point, not the destination

We’re not content with simply delivering the best DDI solution out there. We believe that getting your core infrastructure in order is actually the start of a more meaningful change which advances larger strategic initiatives like cloud, DevOps, virtualization, and more.

Once your DNS data flows through a single source of truth, you can do all kinds of great things with it. You can infuse that data into network management tools like Cisco ACI and Cisco DNA Center. You can identify security threats and stop them at the source with customized security policies. You can optimize network performance by routing to local versions of trusted internet services rather than using a costly MPLS backhaul.

Our vision for your network is one where DDI helps you adapt to the challenges posed by compounding complexity rather than putting up roadblocks. When well designed and implemented, DDI can be so much more than a phone book – it can bring your entire enterprise into the future.

We know that changes to your DDI infrastructure are inherently scary. That’s why we have a proven process to make your migration smooth, avoiding all of the errors, downtime, and data headaches which make most people reluctant to make a change in the first place. We don’t just sell you boxes and wait for the next refresh to roll around. We’re there with you every step of the way, using over twenty years and countless migrations’ worth of experience to get your network to where it should be.