At the heart of all IT operations is DNS.

When DNS fails, so do your enterprise’s critical services.

Your IT foundation crumbles.

Business comes to a halt.

Network connectivity and uptime are no more than table stakes.

Choosing a “DDI” vendor is not enough.

Today, every company is a digital company, with sophisticated IT requirements to support 21st century computing like cloud services, IoT and software-defined network.

Enterprise DNS is much more than just building a reliable network.


Enterprise DNS centralizes architecture by connecting all endpoints. This provides a full view of all critical assets and clients on the network. DNS data is scrubbed to ensure vigorous data integrity. Services are delivered reliably with high-throughput across the enterprise.

The result is a network environment that is resilient and highly scalable.


Enterprise DNS enables automation, leaving error-prone manual processes behind.

IT resources are liberated from day-to-day network configuration duties to focus on more important initiatives. A robust library of APIs makes rapid delivery of services possible while retaining complete visibility and control over IPAM data.


Enterprise DNS provides powerful insights into all network activity. Harnessing this information is often beyond the reach of other DDI vendors. BlueCat leverages our expertise in DNS data, providing visibility, control, and threat detection capabilities to your organization.

Centrally managed, highly automated services that leverage DNS data to secure your network.

That’s Enterprise DNS.

Altimeter: State of Digital Transformation 2016
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