BlueCat software centralizes, automates and leverages your DNS services and data for greater control, compliance and security.

BlueCat DNS Integrity represents a design philosophy centered on best practice network architectures that are centralized and automated, delivering core DNS, DHCP and IPAM services rapidly and without compromise.

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BlueCat DNS Edge is a powerful, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, managed in the cloud, that uniquely leverages DNS data to identify and assess threats, and proactively works to block them before they can reach business-critical applications or data.

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BlueCat Private Cloud is an advanced, secure and reliable infrastructure that provides virtual environments with diverse and robust capabilities for design, simulation and testing of real-world topologies and conditions.

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The Power of Enterprise DNS

Andrew Wertkin, Chief Product & Technology Officer for BlueCat, talks about Enterprise DNS and how it is essential for transformational strategies such as cloud, virtualization and security.

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BlueCat DNS Integrity™ Gateway

A more efficient and simplified approach to enabling an automated environment.

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The Power of People

They’re what set us apart.

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