BlueCat software centralizes, automates and leverages your DNS services and data for greater control, compliance and security.

Centralize DNS Architecture

Consolidate server end points and normalize your DNS data, creating a central, scalable, resilient infrastructure with high data integrity.

Automate DNS Management

Automate your environment to facilitate instantaneous updates and provide seamless and instant access to your users.

Leverage DNS Data

DNS data can provide powerful insights into your network. Harness your data for powerful analytics and improved security.

Introducing BlueCat Private Cloud

The BlueCat Private Cloud is a BlueCat-managed infrastructure with diverse and powerful capabilities, providing customers with virtual environments for design, simulation and testing of real-world topologies and conditions in a secure, shareable and reliable infrastructure.

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What’s New

Andrew Wertkin, BlueCat’s CTO, talks about the challenges that enterprises face with DNS & the future of DNS data.


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