Thrive in a complex, hybrid cloud world

The network complexity caused by hybrid cloud and other IT initiatives can be bad news for businesses. It means more work, higher risk of errors, spiraling costs and stifled innovation. We’re changing that, from the edge to the core.

Adaptive DNS™: the future of networking.

Unlike old-school DNS, DHCP, and IPAM that stagnates at the core of your network, Adaptive DNS™ powers your network from the edge to the core. That makes it uniquely:


Built for the fluid reality of enterprise networks, providing visibility and insight into the state of users, devices and applications.


API-first software that seamlessly integrates with hybrid cloud and other mission-critical IT systems.


An intelligent control plane for rapid threat detection and response – both internal and external.


Providing unmatched resilience and fast, flexible deployment.


Operating at machine speed to implement smart policies, remediate threats and analyze data.

Why your old-school DNS is a bigger problem than you think

More devices, users and apps, evolving threats, cloud migrations, containerizations, SD-WAN, the rising demands of DevOps…there’s more complexity than ever to manage in today’s enterprise networks.

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The BlueCat Edge Manifesto

The edge is where the action is

To get the most out of your network, your DNS should be right where your users, devices and applications are. It’s why we prioritize DNS at the edge, pioneering a whole new way of networking.

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Why BlueCat

Why relationships mean more than transactions

Okay, so a lot of companies say this. But here’s the thing – networks are unique. Each one is a totally different ballgame. It’s why we don’t just sell boxes and gouge customers on refresh pricing. We dig deep into your current challenges, processes and goals, so we can deliver solutions that actually work for you.

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DNS migrations don’t have to mean chaos

DNS migrations are scary. We know because BlueCat has handled all sorts of tricky migrations for our customers. It’s how we learned to ensure seamless transitions from VitalQIP, Infoblox, Microsoft, BIND, and homegrown solutions. And we do it right. We don’t just port your DNS data over. We clean it so you get a fresh, accurate start.

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