BlueCat IPAM solutions integrate with your existing infrastructure to provide a foundation for the elastic network.

BlueCat and IBM

Partners in IPAM, IPv6 and the Cloud
BlueCat, the leader in IP Address Management (IPAM), has partnered with IBM, the global leader in solutions for a smarter planet, to help organizations successfully navigate the IP-dependent world. Through a patent cross-licensing agreement, BlueCat and IBM will leverage each other's inventions and work together to provide a foundation for organizations to prepare for IPv6, build virtual data centers and accelerate cloud. BlueCat is also among the first IBM Business Partners to be certified "Ready for PureSystems." With this certification, we are excited to change the enterprise IT experience as we know it and welcome our clients to the next era of computing.

The Power of Blue

  • Manage the explosive growth of networks, mobile devices and virtual machines with IPAM
  • Build virtual data centers and clouds on a solid foundation of network management and automation
  • Manage growth and change with future-ready scalability and support for IPv6
  • Leverage IBM and BlueCat's innovations, expertise and best practices for successful network-dependent IT initiatives
  • Simplify the ongoing management of IPv6 and dual-stacked networks
  • Accelerate cloud with DNS, DHCP and IPAM virtual servers on IBM PureFlex System

Virtualization and Cloud

Taking a holistic approach to virtualization, IBM brings a formalized, managed approach to virtualization and cloud implementations. BlueCat is working with IBM to address clients' needs for IP Address Management (IPAM) and core network services that are the foundation for successful virtual data centers and clouds. IPAM acts as the control point for cloud networks, enabling organizations to automate IP address and DNS allocation for workload activation and monitor and reclaim unused IP addresses to support growth in the cloud.

  • Automatically activate and deactivate workloads with zero IT intervention
  • Automate DNS and DHCP provisioning for virtual servers and clients
  • Dynamically allocate IP space and proactively monitor and reclaim unused IP addresses
  • Accelerate virtualization and clouds by eliminating manual spreadsheet lookups and individual DNS/DHCP configuration updates
  • Future-proof your investment with support for IPv6 and secure the cloud with DNSSEC

Ready for IBM PureSystems

As a "Ready for PureSystems" certified IBM business partner, BlueCat is able to offer an integrated, expert solution designed to simply address our clients' complex IP Address Management (IPAM) challenges and accelerate cloud deployments. BlueCat DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) technology plays an essential role in managing and automating dynamic IP address space in the cloud. The BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server virtual servers on the IBM PureFlex System simplify cloud onboarding and accelerate cloud deployments.

  • Extend your data center into the cloud faster and easier with efficient cloud on-boarding
  • Increase agility in managing IP addresses, workloads and core services critical to the cloud
  • Simplify network management with workflow delegation, automation and self-service
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with an integrated, expert solution

IPv6 Readiness

With the depletion of IPv4 addresses, organizations need to start planning now for the transition to IPv6. BlueCat and IBM are working together to help clients prepar for IPv6 and ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition. BlueCat IP Address Management (IPAM) technology is a key component of IBM's IPv6 readiness assessment and planning services. Provided by IBM Global Technology Services, this IPv6 services offering is designed to help IBM's global customer base build a road map for successful IPv6 enablement.

  • Enable a cost-effective IPv6 deployment while protecting existing investments with a customized roadmap
  • Take control of your existing IPv4 network with IPAM and mitigate risk with a thorough understanding of your network and infrastructure
  • Rely on skilled experts with proven tools and methods to enable a smooth and structured transition to IPv6
  • Simplify the management of IPv6 and IPv4 networks with IP Address Management (IPAM)


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