IT is moving rapidly to become an organization that builds and defines the infrastructure, processes, services and apps to connect to customers, driving core business strategy.

Migrate to BlueCat DDI

BlueCat has successfully migrated numerous customers from VitalQIP, Infoblox, Microsoft and homegrown systems, investing in tools and proven processes to reduce risk and prioritize customer success.

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Virtualization & Cloud

BlueCat supports your heterogeneous environments and cloud orchestration strategies.

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Data Center Transformation

BlueCat gives network architects the tools they need to plan, provision, execute and control complete data center migration projects.

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Network Security

Leverage the pervasiveness of DNS to stop malicious activities before they can reach business-critical applications or data, across all devices, globally.

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Network Automation

Orchestrate and provide reliable, secure access to core services from any registered device across global enterprise networks.

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In-Store DNS and DHCP

BlueCat’s solutions for in-store DNS/DHCP enable retailers to deploy IP-connected services in-store securely, without destroying margins.

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Over 1000 of the largest global enterprises trust BlueCat
for managing and securing their most mission critical infrastructure.
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