BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server delivers reliable and secure core network services. Scalable and easy to manage, BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers provide a foundation for elastic networks.

Reliable, secure and highly available DNS and DHCP

BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server delivers reliable DNS and DHCP for your network. When DNS and DHCP core services fail, business stops – Web sites are unreachable, network-dependent applications including e-mail, ERP, CRM and VoIP cannot function and users cannot find virtual machines or cloud services. Purpose-built to deliver the highest levels of performance, scalability, security and availability, BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server meets the business-critical DNS and DHCP needs of any organization to ensure always-on business connectivity.

Deliver DNS and DHCP services with 99.999% availability

BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server ensures that your critical network infrastructure and business-critical core services are reliable, resilient and highly available.

Simplify provisioning for physical, virtual and cloud environments

Increase agility and reduce errors by automating the provisioning of IP addresses and names for new servers, virtual machines and workloads in the cloud.

Lowest cost of implementation and TCO

Available as a low-TCO physical or virtual server, BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server can be implemented within days with simple wizard-driven set-up and deployment.

IPAM Integration

Integration with BlueCat Address Manager brings IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS and DHCP under a single layer of control to reduce outages, improve efficiency and reduce IT costs.

IPv6-ready out of the box

Simplify the transition to IPv6 with full support for DNS and DHCP in IPv4, IPv6 and dual-stacked networks.

Mitigate threats with DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Simplify DNSSEC key management and reduce compliance costs with single-click signing policies. Secure critical keys in Thales FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified high security modules (HSMs).

Flexible Deployment Options

BlueCat IPAM products can be deployed as physical servers, virtual servers or as hosted services. Whatever your scale, needs or budget, our products deliver the right balance of performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

PPhysical Servers

BlueCat hardened physical servers combine our secure OS and management software in a purpose-built, low-TCO package.

Hardware Specs

VVirtual Servers

Quick and easy to deploy and maintain, BlueCat virtual servers optimize operating costs, power, cooling and footprint.

HHosted Services

BlueCat cloud-based Hosted Services, which include external DNS and IPAM, address the needs of any customer.


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