BlueCat Address Manager is an IP Address Management (IPAM) solution that enables you to manage "everything IP" on your network from a single view.

Centralized IP address management (IPAM)

The explosive growth of connected devices requires a new approach to network and device management. BlueCat Address Manager is a powerful IP Address Management (IPAM) solution that lets you take control of your complex and dynamic network. With integrated core services, workflow and automation, BlueCat Address Manager enables you to centrally manage every connected device on your network from a single pane of glass. BlueCat Address Manager provides network intelligence and insight into the relationship between devices, users and IP addresses that can be put into action to improve security and ensure reliable, always-on business connectivity.

Reduce network administration time by 80%

Quickly and easily manage, track and assign IP addresses, networks and hostnames – all from a single Web-based interface.

Replace inefficient legacy IPAM tools and manual processes

Reduce time, effort and costs by replacing frustrating, error-prone legacy IPAM solutions including spreadsheets, scripts and manual processes with an intelligent, scalable, fully automated IPAM solution.

Reduce the cost of managing DNS and DHCP core services

BlueCat Address Manager seamlessly integrates with BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server, as well as with Microsoft Windows DNS and DHCP, to provide a unified solution for managing your IP address space and core network services.

Simplify the transition to IPv6

With full IPv6 support, BlueCat Address Manager gives you the power to centrally manage and monitor IPv4, IPv6 and dual-stacked networks, together with essential tools and network intelligence to plan your IPv6 transition.

Increase your virtual agility

Each request for a new virtual machine calls BlueCat Address Manager, which automatically provisions the correct IP address and DNS name. Automatically address and name VMs with multiple network interfaces and multiple VMs simultaneously to increase agility and reduce manual effort and errors.

Allow IT to move at the speed of business

Speed the completion of IT tasks and make the most of IT resources by delegating everyday network configuration activities and workflow to the helpdesk or more novice staff – with approval controls and auditing.

Flexible Deployment Options

BlueCat IPAM products can be deployed as physical servers, virtual servers or as hosted services. Whatever your scale, needs or budget, our products deliver the right balance of performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

PPhysical Servers

BlueCat hardened physical servers combine our secure OS and management software in a purpose-built, low-TCO package.

Hardware Specs

VVirtual Servers

Quick and easy to deploy and maintain, BlueCat virtual servers optimize operating costs, power, cooling and footprint.

HHosted Services

BlueCat cloud-based Hosted Services, which include external DNS and IPAM, address the needs of any customer.


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